Grow your business online,

with Digity.

We help Businesses thrive online.

It is believed that 70-80% of businesses fail within their first 5 years in South Africa. We at Digity are here to change this statistic.

With the right tools, wisdom and courage, we believe that anyone can build a successful business – especially in Africa, where many problems still need to be solved.

We are here to help more people start, and/or grow impactful businesses, using Internet and technology, which will help improve their own lives, as well as the lives of others.

Our Services.

Whether you would like to start a new business or grow an existing one, we

are here to help you succeed.

Business Consulting


Digity provides 1-on-1 and group business consultations to help you grow a business using Internet & Technology.

Website Development


We will help you take your business online, and reach customers using your website.

Effective Marketing


Need more customers? Digity provides marketing services which will help you achieve your goals.

Social Media Management


Since so many people use social media daily, it helps to maintain a presence there. We will help you do so.



Do you sell physical or virtual products? We'll help you take advantage of the wonderful world of e-commerce!

Constant Support


We're not just a service provider. We're keen to be your friend. Reach out to us anytime you need us.

What our clients say

The team was not only efficient but patient and informative. The price was more than reasonable. All in all an excellent experience. We are now a registered, successful entity. thank you Digity. Will always recommend you

Tyron Swanepoel

Ace Automations