About Us

Who We Are

Digity is a digital service provider & business consulting firm, which seeks to help businesses thrive.

Our Mission

We aim to help Entrepreneurs grow successfully, without making the many mistakes which are commonly made in business.

What We Do

We provide business consultations which are geared to help people either start new businesses, or successfully grow existing ones.

Our history

Digity was formed in 2018, and our initial goal was to provide digital services to clients on an ad-hoc basis. We soon realized, however, that many Entrepreneurs need more than digital services: They need guidance in order to succeed in business. Eventually, we made the decision to provide consulting services which are geared to help Entrepreneurs grow successful businesses.

Our process


Initial Contact

When you reach out to us (or vice versa), we would like to first know a bit about you as a person. This helps us help you better.



We would then like to determine where you currently are, and define your goals in order to know where you would like to get to.



Once we understand the difference between where you are and where you wish to go, we can design a solution to help you arrive there.



After designing a roadmap to your dreams, we can then work with you to implement everything that has been planned for your success.


Monitoring & Improvement

Since success is often more of a journey than a destination, we will help you monitor your progress and improve where necessary.